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Monthly Membership Program

Monthly Membership Program!

  • No long term commitment.
  • Low monthly payment.
  • Once signed up you are locked in at the going membership rate at that time. If rates go up they will not effect you until you cancel your membership.
  • No fee cancelation.
  • One monthly massage every month.
  • Same low program rate on consecutive visits in the same month.(paid for separately at time of service.)
  • Share your plan with one designated family/household member.
  • Roll over unused sessions for future use.
  • A healthier, happier you!

 How does it work?

Each month the program price will automatically draft from your bank debit card or credit card on the same date of the month that you set up on. This will give you one massage for that month. You will receive an E mail notifying you that your draft has been made. Then you can simply call to schedule an appointment when it's convenient for you. You may also set up a standing repeat appointment on the schedule, or use the online scheduling program to set your own appointment if you like.

Plans are available for either 60 or 90 minute sessions. It's your choice. A 60 minute session may always be upgraded to a 90 minute session on an individual case basis for an additional charge of the difference of $30.00.

Another benefit of signing up for the membership plan is that once signed up you are automatically grandfathered in at the service rate that was in effect at the time you signed up. All service rates go up over time. This is a good way to manage your treatment costs. Of course if you cancel your membership and decide to rejoin later; you will be creating a new membership and current rates will apply. 

Your membership may be canceled at any time. An E-mail from the address that you have on file with me will suffice as written notice of your desire to cancel your membership.

*Participation in membership requires you subscribe through the studio on one of your visits. Benefits and pricing available to members only. 

  1. 60 Minute Monthly Membership plan $54.95 per month.
  2. 90 Minute Monthly Membership plan $84.95 per month.

Other membership programs at major chains come in between $59.95 to 59.99, just below my regular rate. So the above membership plans offer a great value to the health conscious massage client who is looking for a routine maintenance plan. 

*Gratuities not included in monthly draft amounts. Customizations are possible though. Just ask an I will do my best to work with you.

*Please be advised that all discounts and special rates offered are intended for use during regular business hours as posted on this website. Appointments set for times outside of the normal business hours will be charged at the regular rate table.  

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